Tired of doing laundry?



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We make laundry chill

Laundry started by the lakes and rivers. Then it migrated into the home. And now it is in your pocket. Getting your laundry done is just a few clicks away. It will be done in a day or less, folded and fresh, picked up and delivered straight to your door.

No more laundry

When is a good time for laundry? Doing it after work is tough and taking up hours from your day off is not ideal. Now getting your laundry finished is just a few clicks away. Lulo connects you with trusted Lulo Washers in your area. We pick-up, wash, fold and deliver your clothes to you in just one day. Laundry day has never been easier.

So much easier

Open the app, find your washer, give your specifications and your washer will come pick up your laundry. It can’t get much easier than that. It’s time to skip this chore.